Guiding Principles


Beachmere Community Garden Inc. Guiding Principles

Beachmere Community Garden Inc. has formally adopted the Model Rules as the Constitution.  Members must abide by the Model Rules.

Food production is the main form of gardening undertaken by BCGI.       

BCGI is not an ornamental garden club.  Plant lists will be developed favouring the best food plants for the local area as well as companion plants and host plants for beneficial insects.

Gardening to be based on organic principles                                                                 

Any fertiliser, sprays to other applications must be either certified organic, or home-made recipes must be made from organic ingredients. 

Aggressive, abusive behaviour will not be tolerated                                     

Members are entitled to volunteer in a friendly, respectful environment.  Conflict must be resolved through the proper channels.

Decision making is based on consensus.                                                                   

Members are encouraged to express opinions in the decision-making process but are to abide by all decided outcomes.

Members will at all times work towards the best interests of BCGI.

Members must not put personal interests above those of BCGI.

Diversity is to be encouraged                                                                                             

People from different cultures and backgrounds bring knowledge that can be used by all.

BCGI. will support and work together with local businesses, not compete against them.                                                                                                                                       

BCGI is not a financial venture and as such will ensure it does not directly compete with local businesses.

Knowledge to be freely shared                                                                                   

Gardening norms are to be challenged.  Experimentation is to be encouraged.

No member has a right to harvest produce or anything grown in the garden.                                                                                                                                               

Use of all Garden produce will be determined by the committee.  Seed saving, using produce onsite for cooking demonstrations, group meal preparation and donating produce will take precedence to harvesting for individual member use.

The garden will be run on a volunteer basis.                                                       

Financial gain is not an outcome for the BCGI or its members.

The garden will be made inclusive for the whole community.           


Wherever possible services provided are free of charge.

BCGI supports the 4 Rs – Reduce, re-use, re-cycle, re-purpose.

It is a condition of membership to Beachmere Community Garden Inc. that members adhere to these guiding principles.