Six Month Consensus

Beachmere Community Garden Inc. Statement of Consensus

As of the first six months of incorporation, the membership group has agreed on the following items in regard to the future direction of BCGI:

  • The Model Rules are adopted as the association’s Constitution.
  • BCGI Guiding Principles adopted and adherence is required as a condition of membership
  • Members will abide by all policies, procedures and codes of conduct.
  • The following objectives have been agreed upon.
    • A place for all people to learn and be inspired about local, healthy, ethical food production in an urban environment
    • Educate and inspire children and people of all ages to grow food
    • A community gathering place
    • An addition and improvement to local green space
    • Be guided by organic principles
    • Promote local, indigenous food plants
    • Promote methods to improve growing food in the local environment.
  • Three positions make up the BCGI committee- Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Three membership classes available – Adult, Junior and Family.
  • The primary focus for BCGI is local, healthy food production.
  • Members and visitors will learn and be inspired at the garden but will be encouraged to grow their own food at home.
  • Gardening to be based on organic principles.
  • Allotments for private rental will not be available. Allotments (mobile beds) will be available to community groups subject to conditions and reviews.
  • Inclusion, sensory garden design and disability support to be integral features.
  • Beachmere has difficult conditions for growing food plants including poor soil (sand), strong, consistent winds (Salt laden south easterly or dry westerly) and hot, humid summers.
  • Weather conditions in the future are likely to be more extreme.
  • BCGI to take this into consideration for future decision making.
  • Shade structures to be provided to reduce plant stress and make gardening more comfortable.
  • Raised garden beds to improve soil and accessibility.
  • Use plants species that tolerate local conditions.
  • Garden beds to be mobile for multiple use of space.
  • Seeds saving to be encouraged.
  • BCGI to provide a safe, friendly garden for the community with tours run by BCGI members. Applicable local organisations will run workshops and educational opportunities.

The next 6 months will focus on:

  • Starting garden construction.
  • Further networking (community groups, local indigenous community, schools, governments and businesses).
  • Construction of mobile wicking beds.
  • Exploring new fundraising opportunities.
  • Identifying local sources for seeds and plants (indigenous plants and local, established gardens).
  • Gathering local gardening knowledge.
  • Members growing plants at home while garden is being constructed.
  • Encouraging young people to volunteer.